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Those who have visited STUDIO CRESCENDO, Pino Guarraci’s newly built sound recording studio, will undoubtedly come back again.

What initially started as a simple tape recording studio, very soon upgraded to an 8-track and a little later to a 16-track studio, finally developed into a brand new recording complex. The totally new concept as well as the ultra modern equipment, turn this project into one of the top-ranking recording studios in Belgium.

On 5 October 1992 the works necessary for the building of the new studio in 36 Risstraat in Waterschei-Genk, started. In the meantime the one-man business
would change into STUDIO CRESCENDO Ltd.

The very fact that Pino engaged Mr. Andy Munro from England - with the help of the Belgian AMPTEC Company - to design and construct the recording studio, emphasizes his highly professional approach. It was Mr. Munro himself who also designed the control rooms of the AIRSTUDIOS in London as well as the HITFACTORY in New York. In these studios he incorporated his own monitoring system ‘Dynaudio Acoustics m4m Main Monitors’.

The most up-to-date sound insulation techniques were used to build and finish this new studio in Genk. The building also includes an
area of more than 400 square meters that can even be used by big bands and choirs.
In the meantime the existing recording equipment has been expanded to a 24-track analogue and an additional digital recording system. Moreover, Studio Crescendo is provided with an 80 square meter control and machinery room, connected to a recording room and a 165 square meter overdub. To ensure maximum comfort and efficiency, direct access to the recording room is given for loading and unloading. Other facilities, such as toilets, showers and a cafeteria – lounge included – make the clients feel at home.
Studio 8
studio 8
building site, 1992-1993
building site, 1992-1993